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Strategic Brand Activation
Amplify Your Brand With Snaptrend Photo Booth

Snaptrend Photo Booth is your dynamic partner in crafting impactful brand activations.

We transform events into interactive brand experiences.  From captivating visuals to social sharing frenzy, we're the secret sauce for unforgettable brand activations that leave a lasting impression.

How we collaborate for your brand's success

Branding On-Point

Seamlessly integrate your brand identity into the photo booth experience. From customized backdrops to branded templates, every photo becomes a canvas for your brand message.

Brand Activation.gif
Engagement Magnet

Our photo booths are more than visuals; they're engagement magnets. Attendees interact, share, and create buzz around your brand, turning passive spectators into active participants.

Amplify Social Media
Social Media Amplification

Instant social sharing transforms attendees into your brand ambassadors. As they share their photos on social media, your brand's reach extends organically, generating genuine buzz.

Data-Driven Insights

Unlock valuable insights with our data analytics. Understand attendee preferences and engagement patterns, enabling you to fine-tune future marketing strategies.

ROI-Driven Campaign

We're committed to delivering measurable results. Our brand activation solutions are designed to enhance your company's ROI by driving brand recognition, loyalty, and advocacy through memorable experiences.

Check out our recent events

Empower U Photo
"had these guys come through to our NFT NYC event and they were lovely to work with and the crowd loved it! thank you again."

- Caroline Kerr, Superfly
New York Life
Digital Booth

The Digital Booth redefines engagement at corporate events, seamlessly blending technology and interaction. With instant digital sharing, guests amplify the event's reach while creating personalized mementos that encapsulate the spirit of the occasion.

Print Booth

The Print Booth adds a touch of elegance to corporate events, offering attendees the opportunity to capture and cherish their favorite moments with high-quality printed photos. It serves as both entertainment and a personalized keepsake, making the event experience more memorable and enjoyable. 

Mirror Booth

The Mirror Booth brings glamour and interaction to corporate events, creating captivating experiences through its interactive mirror technology. Attendees engage with a stylish touch, capturing and sharing their moments while adding a touch of magic to the event.


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