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Top Reasons Why Photo Booth Companies Charges Vary

Are you looking to rent a photo booth for your next event? If so, you may have noticed that the rates charged by photo booth companies can vary greatly. You may be wondering why that is, so let's dive into the top reasons why photo booth companies charge differently.

1. Quality of equipment: Photo booth companies invest in different quality of cameras and printing technology. Higher end cameras and photo paper will generally result in a higher charge.

Photo booth companies charges vary greatly on the equipment they use. Here is an example of an iPad-based and a DSLR-based photo booths.

2. Location: Travel fees are often added to the bill, particularly if the photo booth company is required to travel to your event. If you live far away from the business's headquarters, it's likely they will charge extra.

Hiring a local vendor is usually a better choice since travel fees, if any, will be less higher than hiring another vendor from out-of-state.

3. Experienced staff: Some photo booth companies offer more experienced photographers who may charge higher rates than a novice. The quality of their prints will also usually be of a higher standard.

Our photo booth attendants engage and assist guests throughout the entire photo booth experience.

4. Added features: If the company provides a wide variety of added features such as green screens, GIFs and boomerangs, there is a chance they may add a surcharge for them.

Our Instant Sharing feature is a very popular add-on because it allows anyone to receive the digital version of their photos instantly via text or email their photos and videos.

5. Services: When looking for a photo booth company, some companies may offer just a photo booth. Others, however, will offer complete services such as a keepsake photo album, social media posting and personalized gifts that may drive up their costs.

A photo album and guest book-in-one, our keepsake photo album will have all amazing photos from the photo booth and messages from your guests.

Knowing these top reasons why photo booth companies charge differently will help you make a well informed decision about which company is the best for you and your event. You will now be able to ensure you're getting a great deal for all the added extras!

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